Sock It to Me Zombie! (1968)

F.W. Paul
Lancer Books

Bret Steele is "the man from S.T.U.D.," some type of top-secret insurance company that uses Steele to solve delicate situations of a sexual nature.  Here he is charged with flying to the Caribbean to get a famous actress to sign a new movie contract.  "Highlights" include a smutty version of the crop duster scene in North by Northwest, a weird jungle psychiatric facility where women take out their hostilities on caged men, and a movie shoot using actual zombies for extras because they are cheaper.  At one point Steele's companion hypnotizes him and he has sex with a gorilla, so that's pretty funny.  All and all, you would expect more of a book that promises "chicks began rising from the grave with nothing on but smiles of welcome!"  That happens, kind of, but luckily the "man from S.T.U.D." has enough sense to avoid becoming a full-on necrophile.

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