Humanoid Real Estate

Old World Charm at Mondrian Towers
When not servicing the Dromescapes in sector Alpha-73, Alvax R-71 enjoys relaxing in his 2 br/0bth apartment in the city's famed Mondrian Towers.  Only minutes away from the theater, fine dining, and Humanoid recharging temple 7A, this unit combines the excitement of big city living with the ease of quick power reboosting.  Excellent views of sector Delta-15 magnesium fires.  A steal at 458,000 credits.  (Call x7566 at Mollotron Realty, ask for Marge).

Condo Near Helix Center
The sudden re-assignment of Malron R-68 to an ice tender in sector Gamma-87 is your opportunity for the condo buy of the season.  3br/0bth Condo overlooks the Helix Center, putting you close by the city's premiere venue for concerts, shows, and level-6 mutant-baiting.  Proximity to new monorail extension makes for an easy commute to all parts of the city.  Priced to move at 520,000 credits.  No board approval.  Cats and synthetic dogs welcome (Call Marvex at x8854/Century 27 Realty) 

Bohemian Life in Newly Reclaimed W. Helix District
With radiation levels returned to acceptable levels for both mechancial and biological life, the West Helix District is quickly becoming the City's fastest growing neighborhood for the young and bohemian.  Looking to be "in rapport" with a human?  No better place than Salvock Manor, brand new construction near the former Reclamation Center for Inert Gases.  Enjoy a progressive life with other "open-minded" units like Galzor R-84.  1 bedrooms with human-appropriate elimination chamber start at only 310,000 credits.  (call Tony at x9921/New Horizon Reality) 

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