Psi-Man 1: Mind-Force Warrior (1990)

David Peters
Ace Paperbacks

First in a six-part series of adventures featuring Chuck Simon, a mild-mannered high school coach in the near dystopian future who suddenly realizes he has amazingly strong powers of telepathy and telekinesis. We begin with Chuck hiding out in a carnival (as a mind-reader, obviously) and then flashback to why he had to hit the road. Secret government agencies want his power. Another psi-man is jealous of Chuck's superior abilities. There is a girl in there somewhere as well. Best of all, while training in the government's top-secret psi-camp, Chuck gets paired with a massive German Shepard ("Rommel") who also practices telepathy. In one astounding section, we get to see what happens at "first contact" between the minds of man and dog. We also learn that dogs basically only think about eating and humping, which is cause for great low comedy that I anticipate will run throughout the series.

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