The Beloved Chohans Speak Their Peace (n.d.)

Inspired thru El Morya and Miriam
Golden Sierra Printing

It is now time that VOICES of the CHOHANS be let speak.  This is a dictation direct from the HEARTBEAT of ME, EL MORYA and My BELOVED MIRIAM.  I speak in Our behalf representing the First Ray of CELESTIAL BLUE.

I AM CONFUCIUS. I represent the Second Ray, CANARY YELLOW.  I rejoice for the Ecstasy of this moment!

I AM ROWENA of the Third Ray. Yes, I AM ROWENA, a Lady CHOHAN.  Have you noticed how wonderfully WE Ladies are making the grade these days, as relative to the old days when women were housewives?

I AM SERAPIS BEY of the Fourth Ray.  I AM Custodian of the ASCENSION FLAME at the BROTHERHOOD at LUXOR, on the Nile.

WE ARE VISTA AND CRYSTAL of the Fifth Ray.  As you can well imagine, My Name "VISTA" would meditatively carry you into a vast labyrinth of Cosmic Beauty, color, and most exquisite forms.  Thru My PARTNER IN LOVE, BELOVED CRYSTAL, you can very well figure out that SHE has the qualifications of "crystallizing" into third dimension equasion [sic] these exquisite forms pictured within the periphery of MY Cosmic Laboratory.  Our color is GRASS GREEN.

[ed. note: Vista and Crystal also appear to represent the Sixth Ray(s), RUBY AND CHRISTOS, but the text is slightly unclear on this point].

WE ARE ST. GERMAIN FREQUENCY with My long lost, but forever regained PORTIA.  ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL AND HOLY AMETHYST are also holding fort on the Seventh Ray. 

G.V.P. AND THE QUEEN OF LIGHT SPEAK: WE ARE G.V.P. AND THE QUEEN OF LIGHT. Our color is RUBY, and WE represent the Aquarian RUBY FOCUS Sixth Ray [ed. note: the Sixth Ray now appears, after the Seventh for some reason].

THE TWO NEW LIGHT RAYS SPEAK:  WE ARE THE TWO NEW LIGHT RAYS OF THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN, THRU EOLIA.  OUR COLORS ARE IRIDESCENT RUBY AND IRIDESCENT MOTHER-OF-PEARL.  Our Personal Individualities embrace the Names of "RUBY' AND 'CHRISTOS" [ed. note: see Ray 6].  WE hail from the GREAT CENTRAL SUN, and WE pour Electro-Magnetic Energies to all who invoke our service. 

[ed. note: published in "Grass Valley" Calfornia....Ha!]

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