Bar Belles (1975)

Trisha Stevens
Pocket Books

Somewhere in a small town in a dry county in Dixie, there is a nightspot called "The Pussycat Club." The various women who work there personally deliver bottles of hootch to visiting businessmen in a nearby motel.  Sometimes they also engage in sexual activity with these businessmen, either for a "tip" or just because they want to.  The ladies like this set-up because it means they are not prostitutes in that they decide the nature of each transaction.  The mob, on the other hand, would prefer a more predictable and Fordist approach to this arrangement, constituting one strand of this novel.

Each "bar belle," by the way, receives her own chapter detailing how it is that she ended up in a small town in a dry county in Dixie delivering booze to horny businessmen.

In the other plot, XXX-filmmakers arrive on scene to make a porno with "local color."  They dupe various hypocritical southern types (the sheriff, the judge, etc) into believing it's a legitimate documentary, and then trick them in such a way that the final film makes them look really bad.

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