Healing of the Mind (1978)

Pat Brooks
New Puritan Library

Fairly standard mix of anecdotes and scripture "proving" that demons are circling around you at all times and are responsible for: depression, self-pity, rebellion, "voices," water-borne parasitical infections, etc.  Brooks particularly has it out for her fellow women, professing a firm belief in "Momism" and urging the ladies to return to their ordained roles as housekeepers and husband-followers.  Highpoint arrives when a woman contacts Brooks to say she practices witchcraft and wants out.  Brooks (and husband) tell her to go home and burn her Ouija Board and all occult books.  We are told that when the family threw these materials in the furnace, a tendril of fire shot out and turned into an apparition that said, "You will burn in hell for this!"  That fairly spooked them, and they ran away.  As added bonus, final page includes what appears to be hand-written sheet music for a song called, "Will You Come with Me?"

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