Teen Beat Refuse 1979 (Part IV)

Eric Roberts mysteriously defaced by unhappy reader.

In an odd and no doubt futile attempt to transform the pasty duo of "Steely Dan" into teen idols, here they are featured in a "spot the errors" contest.

Who is #1.  This reader cannot decide as Andy, Shaun, Leif, and John are all "so cute!"

Leif Garrent before photoshop, cut out with scissors and placed before a sickly spot-color field of orange.

Adam Rich, star of Eight is Horrifying, experiences a seizure after making several hundred dollars at a car show. 

The Bay City Rollers forced to participate in "punning" promotional shot, one that cruelly mocks working-class sanitation workers by drawing unwelcome attention to the Rollers ability to make good money by singing "Bang Shang a Lang." 

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