Teen Beat Refuse 1979 (Part II)

Jimmy McNichol with Akai Cassette Deck and waterbed.  Note too the stylish cassette tape briefcase on top.  State-of-the-art teenage seduction fantasy for 1979.

Famous movie-dog Benji posed aside his stuffed doppelganger, structurally similar in many ways to the "shaggy" adolescent pop stars elsewhere in the magazine.

Grotesque photomontage in support of new Burt Reynolds publication.  Given that Reynolds had only a few years earlier posed nude in Playgirl, his appearance in a teen magazine is particularly odd, perhaps even alarming. 

Teen idol Shaun Cassidy in hypnotic dream state, transfixed by telepathic transmissions of adolescent love.   Is he thinking about "you?" 

Leif would like to "please you."  You love Leif enough to do the things you know will please him, and he loves you enough to want to please you!  Strikingly candid play on the line between "pleasing" and "pleasuring."

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