I Am a Woman (1967)

Ella May Miller
Moody Press

The Moody Bible Institute responds to the cultural quicksand of the sixties with this guide to "the everyday matters that make a woman's life a disappointment or delight, a failure or success."  Chapters instruct the ladies on housework, cooking, staying beautiful, dressing "decently," and never, ever taking a job outside the home.  Men and marriage are God's plan for all women, although author Miller does recognize that sometimes God decides a woman should remain single.  She then shares fond memories of various single woman who had an impact in her own life, despite their overwhelming tragedy.  But remember, "sin is still sin. In times of great temptation and loneliness, get close to God, ask Him to help you through the temptation.  Then help Him answer your prayer by losing yourself in a worthy effort--creative writing, sewing, painting, playing the organ, visiting a needy friend.  I think it will also help you to maintain normal wholesome friendships with men of your acquaintance--a brother, a brother-in-law, a cousin, or a close family friend."

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