The Slave Compulsion (1968)

Jack Carter
Unique Books

The Story of 'O' but featuring a man named "X." What does "X" enjoy? X is known by many names, says a brief introduction, including: "Masochist, Escapist, Transvestite, Fetishist, Infantile, Narcissist, Satyr." But, adds the "editor," the publishers feel "all of these things and none of them are applicable to X, for his needs and desires change as even do his fantasies with the range of the patterns of the clouds in the sky." Most of X's fantasies, though, would appear to involve wearing pink girdles and having an endless stream of Amazonians boss, bind, and beat him. Weirdest detail: When his "Master" drops him off at Bondage Camp, he is wearing pink bloomers and a white blouse. As it is raining, however, Master allows him to wear a man's raincoat to get from the car to the front door without drawing attention to himself. But this leaves his legs naked from the bloomers down. Solution? Master also has brought along two fake trouser-bottoms that can be held up by elastic at mid-calf. Unclear if this is a weird fetish they share, or if author Carter was way over-thinking the whole disguise thin

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