Futurecaster: The Secrets to Foretelling Your Own Future (1969)

Maurice Woodruff
Times Mirror

Ridiculous hybrid of Astrology and dream analysis, with additional hokum on phrenology, handwriting analysis and assorted other soft-brained sciences added for good measure. Primarily of interest for its dictionary of dream symbols, which like all such guides to the hard interpretation of manifest content, is particularly hilarious. Some examples:

A Crab: When you see a crab in a dream, this is a warning that you have to take great care, for you could be found out in something that you are doing which is not quite legal. 

A Duck: To dream of a duck is an extremely fortunate omen, but if the duck pecks at you in the dream, this indicates slight deceit where your working life is concerned. 

Fat: This is not a lucky thing to dream about, especially for a female.

Mustard: To dream that you are putting mustard on food or even tasting it is not good, for it means that you must keep your own counsel and try to avoid chatter.

Trousers: To dream of trousers indicates a great deal of fun in a fickle manner, but, if you are not married, this is a slight warning that you could have an argument with someone you love.

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