Buffy and the New Girl (1969)

Whitman Books
Based on the CBS television series Family Affair. When Buffy hears a new little girl her age has moved into the building, she decides to host a big tea party to introduce her to all Buffy's friends. The next day at the party, the new girl sees Buffy's doll--Mrs. Beasley--and begins taunting Buffy for still playing with kiddie toys. Worse yet, new girl tosses Mrs. Beasley out an open window and tries to get all the other girls to come to her apartment instead. Happily, everyone is shocked at the new girl's boorish behavior, and before you know it, Uncle Bill breaks out his fishing pole to rescue Mrs. Beasley from atop an awning. The next day, rude girl returns to apologize--she was so nervous about meeting all the new girls in the building that she "made a lot of noise" to act tough. She has a doll too, and everyone sits down for tea the best of friends...for now. An uncompromisingly brutal look at the world of feminine socialization.

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