Fernanda (1976)

Victor B. Miller
Pocket Books

May well be the most poorly written, amateurish, and utterly ridiculous book I've yet to encounter in life. Makes one realize Ed Wood's 
Killer in Drag is actually not all that bad. "Fernanda" is a smokin' hot ex-cop who specializes in tracking down rapists in the Big Apple. For her troubles, she becomes the target of a serial killer determined to murder her in the most brutal manner possible. Fernanda must also negotiate two boyfriends and her interest in Reichean therapy, which though it might sound interesting is most assuredly not. Author creates "atmosphere" by making frequent reference to the songs on Fernanda's stereo--Elton John gets two spins. The fact that this appeared under the Pocket Books imprint suggests blackmail or a dare was involved somehow. Just horrible.

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