Misandrous Donkey Smoke

Enigma: Who directed She Mob (1968), currently uncredited?

Let us consider the following evidence: 

Exhibit A

Nymphs Anonymous (1968) opens with a close-up on a cigarette-dispensing donkey.  Camera zooms-out to reveal:
Exhibit B
The leader of the "Nymphs," a future political organization that has successfully subjugated all men in the service of women.  Note the enslaved bartenders.

Approximately 20 minutes into She Mob, meanwhile, the eponymous gang of lesbian robbers are playing poker, having tied-up a male gigolo in the next room as a hostage. 

Exhibit C

A hand reaches for a cigarette and we see the very same donkey dispenser found in Nymphs Anonymous (or at least the same model). Match cut to:

Exhibit D

"Stiv," the dyke leader of the gang, retrieves the cigarette from the donkey's rear-end.

Conclusion:  Nymphs Anonymous (1968) was directed by Manuel Conde.  Given the similar premise of "imprisoned" men and the parallel exploitation of a cheap donkey novelty for a moment of low comic spectacle, it is my hypthosis that Manuel Conde also directed She Mob (1968).  

Another enigma of film history solved!

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