Jackpot Bassin' (1982)

Edited by Deborah Johnson
B.A.S.S. Publications

Wanna catch some bass?  If your life depended on it, would you know how?  Here are some quick bass facts in case you might need them at some later date in the future.  Bass fishermen are most often foiled by their choice of line.  "Worms" and "jigs" are best for fishing at the bottom of the lake, while "hard baits" work best for  "teasing" big bass.  Spring brings the best "bassin,'" though summer can be "tough but rewarding."  Winter bassin' is the hardest of them all.  "Flippin'" is a good strategy in shallow water. Sometimes you have to do a little "structure" fishing, which means going after the bass where they live. 

Probably the book's best feature is the full-color cover.  Look at that guy enjoying some good old-fashion bassin'...out there all alone on the lake...he seems to love bassin' so much that he wore a special bass-catchin' track suit for the occasion...and a jaunty little vest... the bassin' track suit matches his boat...red and white, hold on tight...and he's even named his little bass boat...it's called "The Ranger"...I bet when he's out there a-bassin', he's the captain of his world...just for a couple three hours or so...just him and his trusty Ranger...out there by themselves on the lake...outsmartin' them summertime bass...Jackpot!

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