Housewife for Blackmail (1973)

Marshall Roberts
Dansk Blue Books

Sheila fought desperately to hold on to her sedate new life and her staid, respectable husband. But the friends who had known her as a hedonistic swinger wanted her to join their wild orgies again--and they held the knowledge that could bend her to their most depraved desires... Coerced into Chains!

Sheila used to be a "free spirit" living in Frisco, but now she's happily married to Scott the stock broker and living as a housewife in Carmel.  One day while doing the shopping, she runs into Mike and Marsha, her freaky flatmates from her wild days as a hippie nympho.  A drink leads to dinner leads to a joint, and before you know it, Sheila's back at their hotel in a raucous three-way.  Mike thinks it would all make for a great film.

Sheila tries to put her momentarily "lapse" behind her, but before you know it, Mike and Marsha show up at her front door to say goodbye.  But they just have one request.  Would Sheila mind if they had sex on her bed before they left town?  Well, if it means getting them to leave without telling her husband about her previous indiscretion, sure, why not?  But before you know it, Sheila has once more been lured into a raucous three-way.  Mike thinks it would all make for a great film.

And so on.  Later, Marsha seduces Scott into the action so that everything will be "even" by the end--so even, in fact, that Scott and Sheila end up moving back to San Francisco where Scott becomes incredibly successful as a stock broker who also hosts orgies on his luxurious houseboat.

Lesson: Boring stock brokers and their bored wives need an occasional visit from "Mike and Marsha."

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