Alpine Cheese Truck Disaster

O Alpine Cheese Truck, it wasn't your fault.  You only wanted to bring the experience of visiting a quaint Alpine cheese-hut to the people, driving your cheeses to and fro, taking them places where people never dreamed Alpine cheeses might go.  How the children would rejoice when they heard your jingling bells, running to you with saltines and slices of summer sausage in hand for a tasty afternoon snack.  Yes Alpine Cheese Truck, you brought joy wherever you went.  How could you have known on that fateful day, parked at the bottom of the hill, that your rustic mural blended in so perfectly with the surrounding terrain?  How could you have suspected that you were so perfectly camoflauged, practically invisible to all around you, especially the busload of nuns and orphans that could not see you in time, that swerved to avoid what they thought was only a tiny cabin in the woods only to slam into a V-12 engine block.  O Alpine Cheese Truck, you wanted only to deliver a slice of happiness, but instead you became a wedge of flaming death. 

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