Assorted Nurses (Various)

Vietnam Nurse by Suzanne Roberts (1966) Ace F-405
Julie Jones: Cape Canaveral Nurse by Suzanne Roberts (1963) Ace D-566
Chicago Nurse by Arlene Hale (1965) Ace F-368
Rangeland Nurse by Suzanne Roberts (1967) Ace F-419
An American Nurse in Paris by Diane Frazer (1963) Pocket Books M-4295
Jungle Nurse by Sharon Heath (1965) Ace F-359

I recently bought 100+ pristine nurse novels at a suburban Chicago thrift store.  I hadn't planned on buying any until the owner informed me he was running a "Buy 10, Get 10 Free" special, bringing the price down to around a quarter a piece.  I can't say I have any real interest in reading any of them, but they're such beautiful specimens that I couldn't let them end up in the trash or mouldering in someone else's basement.  So I will periodically display some here, unconsumed and unjudged, so that others might enjoy them and at least learn of their existence. 

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