Signs Portending Your Participation in a Devil Movie

You attend a candlelit party with many elderly eccentrics and large brandy snifters.


It's 1972, and your host is a man wearing black velvet with a lace collar.

You find yourself making eye-line match cuts with angry dogs.

Later, that same dog attends a costume party wearing a human mask.

Your host wears a lion's head while playing Liszt.

You see your host French-kissing his daughter.

Sinister looking drugged weirdos are on the staircase.


 Transvestites are also on the staircase, reaching out to you in a "fish-eye" POV shot.

You find yourself underlit in a blood-red room full of weird objects.

You see a stuffed bat on a bookcase.

A woman in a black turtleneck who makes terrifying sculptures wants to cast your face in plaster.


All shots from The Mephisto Waltz (1971)

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