The Poisoned Ivy (1968)

William Surface
Coward McCann

Alarmist account of just how deeply pot and LSD have infiltrated America's "outstanding" universities, circa 1967.  Extremely "Dragnet" in tone as author Surface worries the nation's best and brightest will be lost to pot stupefaction and acid psychosis.   If you're looking for stories of boomer college kids getting busted, going insane, dropping out, etc, this is your book.  Those who attended an Ivy may also be interested in the slight differences between the schools in terms of their drug use.  Yale goes first, and then a chapter on Harvard--each section describing the various dorms and hangouts where pot use is most likely to be seen.  Cornell and Princeton each get chapters, but Dartmouth, Penn, and Columbia are lumped into one big chapter (mostly about Columbia's proximity to "Negro" hypes in Harlem).  Other diverting details: cops bust an art history professor at Yale hosting three male students all clad in leather; Princeton students prefer to smoke dope in a pipe rather than rolling reefers; chilling account of a Harvard senior, 3 months before graduation, who drops acid and decides college is wholly irrelevant--he drops out; extended discussion of "psychedelic sex," including the observation that sex on drugs just "seems" better because one can stare at another's genitals for an hour or more without making any further progress.

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