The Richest Caveman (1991)

Doug Batchelor
Mountain Ministries
Kid in late-60s stays at home smoking pot with his rich Elvis- Presley-songwriting-Mom in Manhattan before going off to Military School, a hippie progressive Academy in Maine, and a "floating school" in Italy where rich parents hide their disruptive children until they are of age. This is interspersed with extensive drug use and hitchhiking until narrator finally decides to live in a cave near Palm Springs. Lives there as a hippie for a year and a half with a Bible some previous cave-dweller left behind. Conversion. An appearance on NBC news as that rich kid who lives in a cave and talks about Jesus. Marriage. Ministry. Etc. Less a compelling case for Christian conversion than a scathing indictment of the educational system in the early 1970s. Batchelor is a more genial narrator than most in this genre, still he occasionally wanders into offensive territory as when noting that all of his Mom's celebrity Hollywood friends that he met as a kid were "homosexual" and "drug-users" and thus desperately unhappy.

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