The Coming World Dictator (1981)

John Wesley White
Bethany Fellowship, Inc.

Lookin' for the anti-christ circa '81. Factors in the mix: Godless soviets, the Sex Pistols, Charles Manson, astrology, the EC, Idi Amin, Madalyn Murray O'Hare, Jim Jones, TM, Hare Krishna, Moonies, Rastafarians, Scientology, EST, HPM, The Bionic Man, Woman, and Boy, Wayne Gretsky, Schwarzenegger, John Denver, Morris the Cat, Rupert Murdoch disguised as a koala bear, and The Bay City Rollers. Yes, those Bay City Rollers.

To quote White, "But would sophisticated westerns actually 'worship the image of the beast,' as the Bible indicates? The evidence points strongly to that possibility. 'I just adore him! I just worship him!' a teenage girl screamed when she saw her favorite singer from The Bay City Rollers in Toronto...As The Toronto Star noted, 'Adolph Hitler would have given his last pair of jackboots to manipulate children with the skill of the Rollers."

Later, noting the world's fascination with "Beasts" of all kinds, White writes, "When Johnny Carson announced his new three-year contract with NBC for the Tonight Show, the UPI circulated a photograph of him dressed as a rabbit." So there. All in all, a fascinating look into the ever paranoid hermeneutic of the Christian-right mind.

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