Obey Me, My Love (1965)

Sylvia Sharon
Lancer Books

Suzanne Jackson is feeling blue. Her parents have recently died in a car accident while vacationing in Europe, and now--a year later--her older brother is moving to New York. She's sure she'll never see him again once he becomes a famous writer. Together, they've just sold the family antique store in Berkeley, leaving Suzanne with nothing to do other than finish her Ph.D. in literature at the University of California. Out of boredom and self-pity, she enters a short-story contest sponsored by San Francisco's hippest arts magazine...and she wins! What will happen, though, when she realizes that winning the contest has made her coveted prey within the city's most elite club of multi-generational lesbian bondage enthusiasts?

Ostensibly a "dirty" book under Lancer's Domino imprint, Obey Me, My Loveis really more a travelogue about mid-60s San Francisco high society. Author Sylvia Sharon (if that is indeed your real name, Miss) revels in providing lengthy descriptions of North Beach, the Bay Bridge, the fog, Nob Hill, etc. In fact, the entire book has a wonderfully giddy stream-of-consciousness feel to it. Here is Suzanne at the awards dinner for her short-story prize.

The dinner--which began with a rich cream of potato soup, progressed through flounder with a vintage Pouilly Fume, featuring a buttery-soft chateaubriand on a wooden board artistically outlined by a tracery of whipped potatoes, mushrooms and tiny peas with baby onions to which a 1959 Chateau Haut-Brion was memorable accompaniment, continued with a Romaine salad whose subtle dressing made Suzanne exclaim aloud with gustatory pleasure, and concluded with a chocolate profiterolle and pink champagne--was served by a piquantly attractive maid, who could not have been more than 19 and was attired in lace cap, embroidered white lace apron over an extremely snug black satin skirt whose hems only reached her lower thighs, short-sleeved white satin blouse whose bodice exhibited a good deal of cleft of her astoundingly close-set round milky breasts.

The point here, I think, is that rich lesbians in the Bay area have excellent taste. And that's just one sentence!

Definitely better written than it needed to be (further research--ok, google--reveals Sylvia Sharon to be a pseudonym for Paul Little).

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