Russell, Alexandra, and John (1981)

Joseph R. Simonetta 
Simonetta Press

John and his twin sister Alexandra lived on a star called Ammeron that, sadly, was falling "out of harmony" due to the neglect of its greedy inhabitants. Luckily, John and Alexandra's parents took the family to summer on another star, nearby Jashar, where the two children one day met a man named "Russell" out in the woods. "We immedately found ourselves at ease in the company of this gentle man. His every motion, word, and gesture bespoke of love and kindness. A certain glow emitted from his being, an embracing light, an enfolding prescence. Somehow he was at once both of youth and of age." On the cover, Russell resembles Jesus, but with a small bird perched on his index finger. For the next many summers, John and Alexander meet with Russell each day to discuss the larger philosophical truths of the universe. This particular volume--apparently written in free-hand with a sharpie and then xeroxed--is a record of their final summer together, just after John and Alexandra finish what we must assume is "Space High School" back on Ammeron. As there is nothing in the book to frame this as fiction or allegory, I presume the reader is to take it as true. So here is one of the nuggets of wisdom to remember: Perhaps in truly being ourselves we fulfill the ultimate metaphor.

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