God Drives a Flying Saucer (1969)

God Drives a Flying Saucer (1969)
R.L. Dione
Bantam Books

The title says it all really. Part of a cycle of books in the late 1960s and early 70s purporting to interlink and explain the mysteries of the ancient world as a function of extraterrestrial intervention (the most famous of which remains Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods). Dione's shtick is to meld UFOlogy with Biblical doctrine, claiming that God is not a supernatural being but rather the most technologically advanced entity in the universe. All the miracles of the Bible thus have their foundation in weird astroscience. Good news! There is still a heavenly afterlife, but it has nothing to do with disembodied harp-playing. Instead, we become "electro-magnetic beings" (an idea bouncing around since about 1800) and vicariously "tune in" on the mental/emotional lives of those still alive (which doesn't seem heavenly, to me at least, so much as kind of sad and sick). There's also a "hell" in which God forever tunes your spiritual frequency to those experiencing pain and suffering on earth or elsewhere. Who decides where you go? Techno-cybernetic "guardian angels" record every moment of your life on "monitoring tapes" (because the most advanced technological being in the universe apparently still has a contract with Ampex).

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