More Odd Advice for Girls

If you enjoyed Heart Throbs comics from a couple of weeks ago, here is another vector of girl propaganda from the early 1960s.  Calling All Girls was a subsidiary of Parents Magazine.  The magazine is full of "stories, comics, things to do."  As you might imagine about a girl-centric publication from "Parents" magazine in 1963, the stories and comics are all fairly banal: serialized mysteries about old lighthouses and strange new neighbors; comix about teen girls who drive their fathers crazy; diet/make-up/fashion advice.  What is strange, however, are the magazine's recurring "tips"--short sidebars added to kill white space when a feature story ran short.   If Heart Throbs taught slightly older girls that boy-attention is the force that moves the world, Calling All Girls apparently hoped to convince young ladies that the world is full of dirt and disorder, and that it is the responsibility of all females to fight the entropy of the universe.  Having a party?  Why not cut a plastic sheet to cover your bed so that your guests' coats do not pick up lint?  If you have plastic flowers in your room, apparently it's a good idea to hold them over steaming tea kettle once a week to "refresh" them.  More advice is available below--but I take no responsibility for any subsequent OCD symptoms you might develop after reading them.

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