Flipping Bruce Lee

After Bruce Lee died in 1973, Warner Books published this memorial paperback written by his wife, Linda Lee. The book interweaves Bruce Lee's life story with explanations of the philosophy behind Lee's martial arts. All well and good. But apparently Warner Books was concerned a mere biography would not be sufficiently interesting to the average Bruce Lee fan. To remedy this, the publishers boast "This is a Warner Action Book." Flip the pages and see Bruce Lee fight again! And this is not a lie--pages 77 to 131 (that's 54 pages total) feature frames from a Bruce Lee fight sequence that can be "animated" by flipping the pages (producing about 2 seconds of a swinging kick). It has immediate appeal for anyone who has ever drawn stick figure fights or crashing zeppelins in the margins of a textbook. Disrespectful? Unclear. "Transmedial?" Absolutely.

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