How to Hear Your Angels (2007)

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.
Hay House, Inc.

Author Virtue was apparently a "therapist" until she decided to devote her full time and attention to writing books about invisible beings and then holding seminars training others "how to hear your angels." Angels exist, as do faeries (a different seminar, I guess). Below is a section from a chapter on "Animal Angels"

Would it surprise you to discover that among the deceased loved ones who watch over you are some of your beloved pets? Your dogs, cats, horses, and any other animals you deeply loved stay with you after their physical passing. The bond that you shared with them when they were living acts like a leash that keeps them eternally by your side.

When I give workshops, I tell audience members about the dogs and cats I see running and playing throughout the room. Usually we can figure out pretty quickly which dog belongs to which person, because these creatures stay by their owners' sides.

We are later told that matching spirit cats to their owners is more of a problem, because as we know, cats don't give a f*#k in this life or the next.

If you think it's irresponsible to encourage people to believe they can "hear angels," don't worry, Virtue has a checklist to determine whether or not you're really hearing celestial beings or if you're just going insane. If the voices you hear are "taunting, alarming, or cruel," use "abusive words," or tell you to "hurt yourself or others," odds are you're insane. Anything else--Angels!

Virtue has written a couple dozen books about how Angels reveal numbers to you (what a great idea for the lottery, no?), help you with therapy, and draw energy from crystals. Virtue is also clairvoyant, knows ancient healing secrets from Atlantis, and has a Ph.D. in psychology---so look for her to rule the world very soon, or at least the conference center at your local Ramada.

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